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So it’s about time for a more positive post.

I have been so busy, trying to muster through grad classes, working, applying to new grad programs and trying to study for the GRE in order to get a higher score. And attempting to maintain some sort of social life.

My roommate and I have decided to host a little day-time fall fest thing. Scary movies, yummy food and friends. This is exciting because it means I have an excuse to bake fall-themed desserts. I love excuses to bake.

And thank God for freaking Pinterest. I organize my life on that website, haha. Mostly recipes for me to try.

Some baked goods possibly worth trying:

So these are some recipe highlights. There are also a few other cookies and bar recipes I was considering. But seriously- the cheesecakes I listed here look AMAZING, especially that white chocolate one. Needless to say, our gathering will probably be a fatty fest that happens to include a scary movie marathon.

Happy Fall!


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