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Doing bloggy things

So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and start a blog.

My main motivation for doing this is so I can construct some sort of normalcy out of the uncertainty and occasional chaos I am experiencing at this point in my life- an all too familiar sentiment I think many people my age may feel. I’m less interested in wanting people to read this than to just make myself feel special by spitting out my not-so-great life events in this thing as if they are great. Because come on- I live in America, and Americans all want to think they are fundamentally good and important people. It’s about the individual, not the collective.

Ok, I’m done with the rambling cynicism.

Sooo yeah. I plan on using this to document my graduate school journey mostly- since that has been dominating my life right now. I will also have posts on here about foods, because I love cooking…mostly just baking though. Cheescakes- yeah, freaking delicious. There also may be random pointless posts about whatever.



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